Growth Planning: Multi-Channel Planning

My last blog touched on identifying your target audience, and provided some examples of how to employ the targeting options of various networks to reach those valuable segments. This post will go into more detail about how to identify the right channels for your unique goals.   Choosing The Right Channels Each pay-per-click advertising channel […]

Growth Planning: Determine Your Target Audience

My last post discussed the primary online advertising networks, and the reach and benefits associated with each channel. In this post we’ll explore the process of identifying your target audience. This is an important first step towards deciding where to put your investment.   Establish Your Target Audience In making this determination, ask yourself this simple […]

Growth Planning: Reach Of Ad Networks

Every new business will inevitably ask itself an important question: should I advertise online? Online advertising holds myriad advantages over other forms of advertising and marketing. In this series on Growth Planning, we’ll go over these various advantages in detail, and explore the specific growth and development opportunities for advertisers of all industries and verticals. […]

Remarketing: AdWords for Video

You’re probably aware of how powerful remarketing via text and image ads on the GDN can be. (If not, you should definitely check out my previous blog on the topic.) AdWords for Video — Google’s video ad serving solution for YouTube and the GDN — provides a number of additional opportunities to up-level your remarketing efforts. Advertisers […]

Remarketing: Add Audiences to Search Campaigns with RLSA

When people talk about Remarketing, they’re usually referring to the Google Display Network or Facebook Website Custom Audiences (WCA) campaigns. However, Google recently released a new product called Remarketing For Search Ads (RLSA) that allows advertisers to apply Remarketing lists (created via the Google AdWords remarketing snippet) to Search campaigns. Search ads are still triggered […]

Remarketing: How To Set Up Awesome Campaigns

The previous post discussed best practices and strategy for developing awesome audience lists via Adwords Remarketing and Google Analytics. In this post we’ll discuss bidding strategy and how lists can be combined with other Google Display Network targeting options for hyper-relevant ad serving.   Bidding As with any instance in which AdWords is given the […]

Remarketing: How To Create Awesome Audience Lists

Our last post introduced Remarketing as a powerful tool for driving conversions and building relationships by targeting ads to users who’ve already visited your website. In this post we’ll go over the best practices and a few advanced tactics for building awesome Remarketing lists. To refresh, users tagged with your Remarketing cookies fall into a […]

Introduction to Remarketing

This post will serve as the first in our five part series about Remarketing. Here, we’ll cover the concept and explore the potential of this powerful feature. Remarketing is the process of showing ads to users who’ve already visited your website. When used effectively, it can be a powerful conversion driver because you’re targeting people […]

Not All Conversions Are Created Equal

The ability to view your conversion data right from within the AdWords interface is hugely beneficial when optimizing. The system collects this data via the AdWords conversion tracking code snippet, or via imported Google Analytics goals, and allows you to track and assign values to virtually any user action you wish to optimize to. Import […]

The Seductive Powers of Bid Modifiers

The introduction of Enhanced Campaigns back in early 2013 gave account managers much to be excited about. One of the coolest additions has been the ability to apply bid modifiers for location, device type and time of day & week. For example, if performance is particularly good on Saturdays, you can set a bid modifier […]

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