The Mother of Optimizations: Audit AdWords Ads

Your ads are the doorway through which the customer walks to reach your website and eventually become your customer. They often facilitate the user’s introduction to your brand, and represent a number of unique opportunities beyond organic search to deliver a better experience by connecting the user to what they want faster. Here are you […]

The Mother of Optimizations: Audit AdWords Account Structure

The way in which you structure and organize your AdWords account has a massive effect on your ability manage it effectively. There are a number of reasons for this, the two primary reasons being:   segmentation of ad serving — networks, ad types, bidding control, user intent and engagement ad pairing. organization — the ability […]

AdWords Optimization Hacks: Optimize With A Scalpel, Not A Hammer

AdWords throws a lot of data at you and I’ve talked a great deal about the dangers of getting lost in the numbers—not seeing the forest for the trees, optimizing based on too little data, and other common data pitfalls. This cautionary post will explore yet another important topic relating to effective AdWords management—why you […]

KPIs for Digital Marketing Measurement: Social Media Growth Metrics

The fundamental power of social media is twofold. It both enables you to interact—consistently and directly—with your users, as well as to facilitate virality by feeding the conversion people are having about your brand within their own social networks. This presents a unique advantage over other channels in terms of building loyalty, collecting feedback, and […]

KPIs for Digital Marketing Measurement: Organic Growth and SEO

When considering the right KPIs for measuring organic growth, it’s important to step back and remember the fundamental difference between SEO compared to other inbound marketing channels. For example, paid search is fast-paced. You can create an AdWords account, build a campaign, set your bids and start bringing traffic to your site in a matter […]

KPIs for Digital Marketing Measurement: 4 Ways To Measure Brand Lift

Many advertisers operate under the assumption that an effective accountability model cannot be applied to campaigns geared toward branding.  When it comes to campaign goals, it’s not uncommon to hear talk of “soft” metrics such as sessions, impressions, and view-thru-conversions. This does not have to be the case. As long as you’re clear about the […]

The Mother Of Optimizations: AdWords Audit Features And Optimizations

  You’ve internalized the myriad reasons for conducting an audit on your AdWords account.   You’ve organized your data by revisiting goals and KPIs and looking at relevant events and trends over time.   You’ve established a top-level list of KPIs and looked at aggregate performance over time.   You’ve performed a mini-audit of your […]

The Mother Of Optimizations: Audit Your AdWords Settings

AdWords settings matter. The options you’re given for how your ads rotate, which bidding strategy to use, when your ads do and don’t appear, all have a huge effect on how your account performs. Before diving into the 5 pillars of account optimization, it’s important to conduct a small audit of your settings to ensure […]

The Mother Of Optimizations: Establishing Top-Level Audit Findings

When performing account audits, it’s easy to get bogged down in data to such an extent that you lose sight of more significant insights. For this reason, you should begin your analysis by making a top-level summary of key findings.   The Importance Of Seeing The Big Picture Before Drilling Down Here’s what happens when […]

The Mother Of Optimizations: Organizing Your AdWords Audit

Before you dive into your audit, you need get organized. Getting prepared before drilling down into the 5 pillars of optimizations will ensure that you’re approaching your optimizations in an organized and methodical way—always a plus! Follow these five steps for organizing your data:   1.) Identify Account Goals Simply put, why are you running an […]

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