AdWords for Video: Growth and Optimization Guide

This final post in our series on AdWords for Video (AFV) will focus on how to get the most out of your video campaigns by optimizing to both growth and performance. Previous posts have highlighted the immense opportunity this platform provides for advertisers of all types, and have explored strategies and best practices for building out […]

AdWords for Video: Create Great Ads, Channel Pages, and Campaigns

My last post introduced AdWords for Video: Google’s powerful video advertising platform. This post will discuss how to get started by building out your YouTube presence, and creating great campaigns to run on YouTube and the Google Display Network.   Developing Good Content   Undoubtedly, the first place to start is making great video ads! […]

AdWords For Video: Using Video To Tell Your Story

The rise of online video platforms has positioned marketers to combine the powerful targeting and reporting capabilities of online advertising with video’s uniquely effective ability to tell a story. With more than one billion monthly users on YouTube alone, this rise represents an exciting opportunity to use this platform’s combination of reach, affordability, and accountability […]