AdWords Optimization Hacks: Optimize With A Scalpel, Not A Hammer

AdWords throws a lot of data at you and I’ve talked a great deal about the dangers of getting lost in the numbers—not seeing the forest for the trees, optimizing based on too little data, and other common data pitfalls. This cautionary post will explore yet another important topic relating to effective AdWords management—why you […]

Not All Conversions Are Created Equal

The ability to view your conversion data right from within the AdWords interface is hugely beneficial when optimizing. The system collects this data via the AdWords conversion tracking code snippet, or via imported Google Analytics goals, and allows you to track and assign values to virtually any user action you wish to optimize to. Import […]

The Seductive Powers of Bid Modifiers

The introduction of Enhanced Campaigns back in early 2013 gave account managers much to be excited about. One of the coolest additions has been the ability to apply bid modifiers for location, device type and time of day & week. For example, if performance is particularly good on Saturdays, you can set a bid modifier […]

Patience Is A Virtue

Launching new AdWords campaigns is exciting.  Presumably, you put a lot of effort into picking the right keywords, creating great ads, setting bids and budgets, choosing the perfect landing pages, etc. Now it’s time for all that hard work to pay off. So you launch! …and then this happens: You check back after a day […]

Don’t Use The Same Data Twice

Ongoing account maintenance is a big job. You have bids and budgets to manage, new features to implement, ads to rotate, and the list goes on. Regardless of which account element you’re working with, there’s one common mistake that’s particularly easy to overlook: Optimizing using the the same data multiple times. Tell me if this […]