E-Commerce Enhancements and Opportunities: KPIs, Tactics, and Actions

When looking at e-commerce data, whether in Google Analytics or AdWords, one can quickly become overwhelmed by data. The sheer volume of metrics and stats for assessing E-commerce performance in both platforms can easily leave you scratching your head as you try to sift through the data in search of actionable insights. This post will […]

E-commerce Enhancements and Opportunities: Optimizing to Profitability

When measuring the success of E-commerce campaigns, it’s easy to lose site of your end goal by focusing on the myriad secondary and tertiary metrics on offer for assessing sales performance. This is a shame because the goal (and end key performance indicator) of most e-commerce businesses is simple: profit. While this may seem obvious, […]

E-Commerce Enhancements And Opportunities: Dynamic Remarketing

As was discussed in our recent series, Remarketing is a powerful way of honing your relationship with users who’ve previously visited your site. This post will look at Dynamic Remarketing in greater detail, and explore it’s specific application for E-Commerce businesses who sell products online.   What Is Dynamic Remarketing   Dynamic Remarketing shows relevant […]

E-Commerce Enhancements And Opportunities: Google Shopping Campaigns (Part 2)

This is the second post in our two part series on Google Shopping campaigns. The last post introduced this exciting new campaign type, and touched on the many ways in which it’s awesome. In this post we’ll look a little more closely at how best to take advantage of the new features on offer.   […]

E-Commerce Enhancements And Opportunities: Google Shopping Campaigns (Part 1)

  If you sell products online via Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), then you’ve likely heard about the imminent (and mandatory) upgrade to Google’s new and improved way of serving these ads, called Google Shopping Campaigns. This post will be the first in our two part series on this important new opportunity for online retailers. […]