Growth Planning: Planning, Monitoring, and Measuring Success

In this post we’ll discuss the final, crucial step in developing a multi-channel pay-per-click advertising strategy: Knowing what success looks like. Previous posts in this series have covered the following topics: Establish your target audience Develop a strategy based on an understanding of the various networks and how they’re used Plan your budget by using […]

Growth Planning: Determine Your Budget

There are a lot of questions you need to consider when determining your optimal advertising budget. As you begin this process, you’ll likely be looking at one of two common scenarios:   1.) The budget is what it is — Your boss has told you how much she wants to spend on a specific pay-per-click […]

Growth Planning: Multi-Channel Planning

My last blog touched on identifying your target audience, and provided some examples of how to employ the targeting options of various networks to reach those valuable segments. This post will go into more detail about how to identify the right channels for your unique goals.   Choosing The Right Channels Each pay-per-click advertising channel […]

Growth Planning: Determine Your Target Audience

My last post discussed the primary online advertising networks, and the reach and benefits associated with each channel. In this post we’ll explore the process of identifying your target audience. This is an important first step towards deciding where to put your investment.   Establish Your Target Audience In making this determination, ask yourself this simple […]

Growth Planning: Reach Of Ad Networks

Every new business will inevitably ask itself an important question: should I advertise online? Online advertising holds myriad advantages over other forms of advertising and marketing. In this series on Growth Planning, we’ll go over these various advantages in detail, and explore the specific growth and development opportunities for advertisers of all industries and verticals. […]

Google Ad Networks: Where To Start

When it comes to advertising online, it’s likely no surprise that Google provides by far the greatest reach for businesses looking to increase sales and grow their brand via online PPC advertising. However, the myriad networks on offer and sheer number of targeting options available leave many businesses at a loss when it comes to […]