Why Mobile Matters: Perform Mobile Ad Testing With Enhanced Campaigns

Back before Enhanced Campaigns, mobile ad testing was very clear cut. You would simply create mobile-only campaigns, and therefore, every ad served from that campaign would be a mobile ad. This meant that ad tests could easily be performed in isolation. Enhanced Campaigns changed this by removing the option to create device-specific campaigns. With all […]

Why Mobile Matters: 3 Crucial Optimization Areas

Previous posts in this series have discussed the importance of getting serious about mobile and some handy AdWords tools and features for mobile ad serving. In this post, we’re going to look at a few mobile-specific optimizations for these features. As has been discussed, the birth of Enhanced Campaigns early last year presented both new […]

Why Mobile Matters: Leveraging AdWords Tools and Features

AdWords has been hammering advertisers about the importance of mobile for some time. The introduction of Enhanced Campaigns early last year was meant to make it easier for us to up-level our mobile efforts by consolidating targeting (now mandatory) for all devices into the same campaign and providing a number of ad serving and reporting […]

Why Mobile Matters: Understanding Cross-Device Performance

My last post discussed the ever-growing significance of mobile advertising and the importance of its incorporation into every advertiser’s online marketing strategy. This post will drill down into one of the most common issues advertisers run into when trying to assess the value of mobile for their business. Cross-device use has become both a behavioral […]

Why Mobile Matters: Multi-Device Trends And Opportunities

Everyone involved with online advertising and marketing knows the mobile as all the rage these days. So is all the hype justified? Absolutely. Over the last few years the rise of mobile has come to represent a sea change in the world of digital marketing. With the vast majority of people no longer leaving home […]